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     ≡  Great feel until I actually start playing?

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§JensenBreck # 1 ≡ Great feel until I actually start playing?


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le 30/8/2017

Hey all,

I have the weirdest problem. If you put a click on 60bpm, I can sing the quarter notes out loud perfectly, tap my foot, snap my fingers... But once I sit down with a guitar or just a single snare or something and JUST play quarter notes, everything just feels different. All of a sudden nothing feels natural and that feel is gone. And I've tried everything: listen really close to the metronome, play naturally, tap foot while playing, don't tap foot... It doesn't matter, the results are random.

This is especially true when starting the rhythm. I'll listen for two bars and know exactly when the next beat is, and then I hit my first strum for example and I'm really early or a little late.

No idea what is happening here... Does anyone have this experience or may have tips? I don't get it and, especially on guitar, I have advanced technique so it's not that it's technically challenging in the slightest.

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