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     ≡  Computer freeze, motherboard problem??

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§JensenBreck # 1 ≡ Computer freeze, motherboard problem??


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le 30/8/2017

I have an iBuyPower System with an Asus P5N-T Deluxe mobo, 8Gb Corsair XMS2 PC6400 RAM, GTX 280 BFG GPU, 800W Xion Supernova PSU and an XtremeGamer X-Fi Sound card. Problem is that sometimes my computer freezes. Not a blue screen, I just keep seeing what was on the display before it froze. It will still display the same image even if I restart the computer with the restart button on my case. This can happen 3 times a day (like in the past 2-3 days) but before that it's been about 2 months since the last time it happened. I thought at first that it was my video card but yesterday I tried pushing both the Num Lock and Caps Lock buttons on my keyboard and the light that confirms it's on didn't light up on it. I usually have to turn off my PSU switch and wait for about 15 min and then I give it a try. When I start the computer, I can tell if it's going to work in the first 10 seconds of booting by listening at the computer, if there's a beep sound then it will work, if not I have to wait and try again later.
So now I'm starting to think this might be a motherboard problem but I want to be sure before I send it on warranty or try to do something about it.

If anyone recognizes this problem I'd really like to know what you think about this.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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