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     ≡  FInal Mix, last minute issues!

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§kevinmanuel # 1 ≡ FInal Mix, last minute issues!


4 posts depuis
le 31/3/2018


. the Final mix of "One More Time" I hope.. We bout to send it off to all the BFM stations in New Zealand and I think I have the sound spot on... BUT!!! I'm SCARED Nah Really... If there is any thing that does not sound right to you guys, please tell me... I have the mix at 3.59... 29 Seconds to long for my taste, but I'm not willing to loose a whole verse. Average RMS is 13.5.. I consider this to be the mark, I did a few other tracks at 12RMS and certain radio station limitors were ducking the signal.. I''ve used the guidance of a frequency spectrum from the "Che Fu" album... Sooo... Heres hoping! PLease be critical about production, mainly mastering production.. I don't wanna hear any of this "These guys sound like wanna be American Rappers" or flowerse like that.... Thanx... If it wasn't for you catz.. Seriously, wouldn't be near as good at this... Better than Tursury Education any day... Real world my Brovas and Sisters! PS... What you catz think of the Album cover, click on it for a bigger version, you can rate it even Just photoshoped it a few hours ago!

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

Digital production service

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